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Chopped Strand Mat (CSM)

CSM is a reinforcement formed b binding chopped strands using a powder/emulsion binder.  The fibres have proprietary size coating for faster wet out.  The Secondary binder used is soluble in styrene.  It is suitable for the contact moulding processes and for continuous moulding between layers of film.


Chopped Strands


These are basic fibres but to length from 3 to 12 mm suitable for processes to reinforce thermoplastic and thermoset resins.  They can be also used to reinforce plaster and cement.  The product characteristics include excellent dry flow coupled with good dispersion and strand integrity.


Assesmbled Rovings


Several glass fibres are assembled in parallel without twisting to make Assembled Rovings.  They are multi ended and suitable for chopping, performing and similar applications.


Direct Rovings


These type of rovings are single ended and are treated with silane based sizing.  They are largely used for Filament Winding and Pultrusion processes.


Woven Roving


It is made by weaving the direct rovings bi-directionally.  Woven rovings have a silane based proprietary sizing for high level performance.  They are used in hand lay-up RTM and Pultrusion processes.


Stitched Mat


The stitched mat is a mechanically bonded chopped strand mat. It is specially designed for pressure moulding processes like RTM, pultrusion etc.  This mat aptly addresses the issues of fibre washout,mat displacement and tearing during processing.


Combination Mat


In this type of mat, chopped strands and woven roving / surface mat or unidirectional mat are mechanically bonded together, Rovings are chopped and are firmly held in random direction.


Glass Mat (Tissue)


It is composed of uniformly distributed glass strands bonded by means of organic additives.  It provides excellent corrosion resistance and is primarily used for waterproofing, pipe lining, battery separator applications.


Glass Fibre Yarn


It is made from glass filaments which are sized & divided into strands.  These strands are then twisted to ensure suitability for textile applications.  Glass filament yarns are available with various sizings, suiting various application requirements.


Texturised/Voluminised Roving


Texturised roving is made of continuous glass fibres.  The rovings are made bulky under high air pressure.  The opened up fibres help in better resin absorption for effective use in clutch facing applications.  The air entrapped in the rovings helps in better heat insulation property.




It is a revolutionary dry prepreg made by commingling of continous glass fibres and PP/PET filaments.  It provides an economical solution to Long fibre Thermoplastics technology.




It is an alkali resistant glass fibre used for reinforcing cement/concrete.  Cem-fil ANTI-CRACK fibres are designed for on site applications such as floor screeds, ready mix concrete, repair mortars etc. to prevent cracks occurring on the surface.




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