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Araldite has been a household name in India since last 60 years. This familiar brand  name now belongs to Huntsman LLC., USA. In India, Araldite products are manufactured & marketed by Huntsman  Advanced  Materials (India) Pvt. Ltd. 

Corporate journey of Araldite  has   been challenging because at critical cross-roads, we have supplied the Indian market with products suited to local conditions and having application-friendliness. Our numero-uno priority has always been -> the Customer.

We have invested in a Greenfield plant in Chennai, India to manufacture Araldite  resins and  Aradur hardeners. This state-of-the-art plant  is a part  of our  expansion  plan and  it enables  us to  serve the Indian and overseas market from  a  single point. With manufacturing capacity of over 35,000 MTPA, a fully equipped laboratory and trained personnel, we are geared up to meet the growing expectations of various customers. Products are usually made available to customers at a short notice in time.

Araldite Manufacturing Plant

Chemical resistance testing equipment

Storage facility  Technical Service Laboratory

Critical industry component

Having spent over half a century into the construction industry, Araldite systems have now become a determinant for engineers and technical experts when it comes to choosing thermosetting polymeric materials.

Today,  building, casting, electrical and electronic industries rely heavily on Araldite epoxy resins and Aradur hardeners for protection from chemical corrosion, industrial protective floor coatings, grouting, repairing, concrete rehabilitation etc.

Application support

Araldite are manufactured by huntsman Advanced Materials(India) Pvt.Ltd. A well equipped Application Development Laboratory backed by an international team  for research  & technology,  is now fulfilling the most complex of demands .


Corporate principle


Huntsman  Advanced  Materials offers user friendly products satisfying specific needs. Usually, experts visit sites and offer on-the-spot guidance regards selection and use of our products. We work in close association with the customers, for total solutions to their various requirements.

Separate technical  information  is  available  for each application. Our Technical Service Cell will be pleased  to offer you more information on our various systems 


Market leadership

Araldite epoxy systems offer a unique blend of properties which enables civil engineers to solve various problems for which conventional materials have proven inadequate.

To illustrate, the losses due to corrosion in India are estimated at Rs 8000 crores every year. Araldite based Protective coatings help in controlling losses and hence are of considerable Importance.


Excellent adhesion  to various substrates
High initial and ultimate mechanical  strength
Very good chemical resistance
Good impermeability to water
Exceptional abrasion resistance
Low curing shrinkage
Excellent durability and dimensional stability
Repairs & Rehabilitation of concrete  structures
Protective coatings
Water proofing
Bonding of old to new concrete
Foundation  grouting
Pressure Injection of cracks in RCC structures
Segmental  bridge bonding
Industrial flooring and wall coating

Comparison of Mechanical Properties
Properties Unit Cement





kg/cm 2 200-250 250-300 800-1000 500-570
Tensile Strength kg/cm 2 20-25 30-35 100-130 40-60
Flexural Strength kg/cm 2 50 60 200-300 90-100
Density kg/m 2 2400 2200 2000 2350
Modulus of Elasticity  kg/cm 2 3 to 4 X 105   1.5X 105 2.5 X 105
Coefficient of
thermal expansion
cm/cm0C 10 - 15 X 10-6   25-40X10-6 14-16X10-6
Bond Strength              kg/cm2 Less than its
10-20   min. 30

Abrasion Resistance Taber
4.19  2.70  less than
 0.15 - 0.30


Very evident from  the above  chart, Epoxies give far better  mechanical  properties  than any other  systems. In most  cases the ‘Bonding  Strength’ of Epoxies is better  than ‘Tensile Strength’ of cement concrete; making  the repair more  durable and hence Epoxies are the obvious  choice for various users.

Foundation routing Problems


Araldite  grouts offer a number  of advantages

• Low viscosity and shrinkage

• Excellent dimensional stability

• High mechanical  strength

• Good chemical resistance & fast curing

• Vibration damping  and noise control


• Installation & restoration of heavy machinery:    Generators, compressors,  pulverizers, pumps, crane rails etc.

• Anchorages  for stressing cables

• Grouting of cracks

• Ballast-less tracks

Araldite    Systems

System I: Araldite GY257+Aradur 140 & Silica filler. Application Instructions: Amount of filler loading will depend up on the consistency of pour required. 


Efficient Injection Grouting  Systems


Araldite injection grouts offer a number  of benefits:

• Very low-mix viscosity

• Ideal for crack injection

• Very high mechanical  properties  even for un- filled systems

• Extremely low water  absorption

• High bond strength

• System confirming to ASTM standards

• System available for wet / damp  surface


• Repairing of cracks

• Strengthening of structures

• Ideal for honeycombed structures

• Injection grouting  of construction  joints

Araldite  Systems

System I   : Araldite GY257 + Aradur  140

System II : Araldite GY257 + Aradur  21

System III: Araldite GY 257+ Hardener  XY 54

System IV : Araldite PY 340-2+Aradur 450

+ Aradur 2958

System :  Araldite GY 9513+Aradur 46


Repair of weak / ailing structures


Araldite based adhesives and mortars are used to permanently  upgrade or repair load bearing structures  by forming high

strength durable bonds with excellent

mechanical  and chemical properties.



• Bonding new concrete  to old concrete

• Sealing of cracks in structures

• Bonding external reinforcements to concrete

• Splicing of piles

• Jointing or pre-fabricated concrete  elements

• Pre-stressed segmental bridge construction

• Replacing degraded concrete

• Preservation of monuments

Araldite  Systems

System I: Araldite GY 250+Aradur 830

Aradur 825+Aradur 850 and Silica Filler

System II: Araldite GY 257+Aradur 140

System III: Araldite Klad-X
System IV: Araldite GY 250+Aradur 450

System V: Araldite Barrier Koat


Rehabilitating your structure



• Very high bond strength.

• Resistant to chemical attacks & saline conditions

• Good impermeability to water.

• Excellent mechanical properties: compression.

& flexural strengths.

• Abrasion and impact resistant

• Does not require curing & has low curing shrinkage.

• Excellent adhesion  to wet / damp concrete.



• RCC structures like dams, bridges,ports, docks, etc

• Water retaining structures, structures along coastal   regions

• Strengthening distressed structures

Araldite  Systems

System I: Araldite GY 257+Aradur 140 and Silica filler.

System II: Araldite GY 257+Hardener XY 54

System III: Araldite Renova



Protective coating systems


Araldite surface coatings provide protection against

• Chemical corrosion

• Cavitation and erosion

• Abrasion

• Seepage  and leakage

• Environmental pollution


• Petroleum industry

• Food and  beverage industry

• Paper and  pulp mills

• Chemical industry

• Fertiliser, cement and  steel plants

• Marine  structures

• Hydraulic structures (dams,  aquaducts)

• Effluent treatment, water treatment,

  waste water treatment and  sewage plants

• Water  retaining and  carrying structures

• Water  treatment, waste water treatment

Araldite  Systems

SystemI:raldite GY250 + Aradur 830/Aradur   850& Silica filler

System II: Araldite GY250 + Aradur HY 2969

System III: Araldite GY 257 + Aradur 140

System IV: Araldite GY 255 + Hardener XY 45

System V: Araldite BW 1162 + Aradur 450

SystemVI: Araldite BW 1162 + Aradur 2963


Versatile  Flooring Application



Araldite based seamless floor topping  systems are

• Hard - wearing

• Non dusting

• Easy - to - clean

• Highly chemical resistant

• High compressive and flexural strengths

• High impact and abrasion resistant




•Food and beverage  industry

• Electronic and chemical industry

• Clean rooms and control rooms

• Textile and paper  mills

• Atomic energy plants

• Steel and fertilisers plants

• Pharmaceutical  industry

• Automobile and it’s ancillaries

• Retail outlets

Araldite  Systems

System I: AralditeGY 257 + Aradur 2963

Hardener  XY 54 and Silica filler

System II: AralditeGY 250 + Aradur 2969

System III: AralditeGY 250 + Aradur 830 & Aradur  850

System IV: AralditeBW 1162 + Aradur 46

System V:  Araldite BW 1162 + Aradur 2963


Systems of high build coating, dust proofing leveling, mortar multilayer/sprinkle sand method etc. are available on request.




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